Balkan News

Sitting on a flight to the UK from Bulgaria seems a good time to write this update on what we’ve been up to in the last 5 weeks or so…

A focus was to do some snowshoeing, to get out and to put together some routes for next winter. We donned the shoes and heade for the mountains, dug some snow pits to have a look at the conditions, talked to other folk in the mountains, including split boarders and discussed where they’d been, what they liked and where to avoid.

We took note of the plants as they came into flower during the spring, observed the animal tracks and hopefully built up more knowledge of the Pirin to share.

Of course it wasn’t all work, we did plenty of personal backcountry skiing and toured to some beautiful places.

Over the 11 years we’ve been coming to the Pirin, the range has continued to reveal itself to us as a beautiful, full of life and history. Coming in the winter adds to that feeling. It’s not all about the resort skiing.

The upcoming weeks see us busy with Duke of Edinburgh’s Award groups. Both delivering and assessing expeditions in Northumberland.

So, here’s to some settled, dry weather; or is that just asking a bit too much?